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Triangle Catholic School Athletic Conference

A very important purpose of the Triangle Catholic School Athletic Conference (TCSAC) is to promote and uphold policies which encourage good sportsmanship, fair play and Christian fellowship. Positive behaviors and attitudes by our athletes, coaches and fans are part of the mission of our Catholic school conference. Any negative criticism about officials or opponents has no place in the TCSAC. Catholic schools try to create an atmosphere which is important to the growth and development of our young people. We'll try to do the same thing with our athletic program.

Thank you for all your help and support!

Colleen Pirozzi, Athletic Director
Phone: 919-468-6211

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March 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1March 1, 2019
Baseball Guest Speaker - AH classroom
2March 2, 2019
3March 3, 2019
Parish Share Sunday
4March 4, 2019
5March 5, 2019
Acceptance/Waitlist letters mailed out to new families in grades 1-8
6March 6, 2019
Girls Lacrosse
7March 7, 2019
TGA Golf Spring Session 1
8March 8, 2019
Boys Lacrosse
9March 9, 2019
20th Anniversary Ball
10March 10, 2019
11March 11, 2019
Kindergarten Readiness Assessments
12March 12, 2019
Kindergarten Readiness Assessments
13March 13, 2019
Girls Soccer
14March 14, 2019
TGA Golf Spring Session 1
15March 15, 2019
School Drama & Comedy
16March 16, 2019
School Drama & Comedy
17March 17, 2019
18March 18, 2019
Boys Lacrosse
19March 19, 2019
TGA Tennis Spring Session 1
20March 20, 2019
Boys Lacrosse
21March 21, 2019
Quarter 3 Ends
22March 22, 2019
No School
23March 23, 2019
24March 24, 2019
25March 25, 2019
Girls Soccer
26March 26, 2019
Enrollment deadline for newly accepted students
27March 27, 2019
StMS Art Exhibit
28March 28, 2019
Acceptance or Waitist Letters letters to new and returning families in PreK and K
29March 29, 2019
Boys Lacrosse
30March 30, 2019
31March 31, 2019
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