2018 Academic Decathlon

StMS 2018 Catholic School Academic Decathlon

A dedicated group of 24 students, Gr. 6-8, has been meeting for several months to prepare for our school’s first entry in the Catholic Schools’ Academic Junior High Decathlon (AJHD).  

Gr.6 students: Alexandra Jones, Sophie Naveda, Nicole Meador, Drew Daner, Ella Caplea, Peter Garafalo

Gr. 7 students: Isaac Lund, Grace Mullahy, Collin Whelehan, Elle Steinlage, Rachel Byerley, Alex Macomber, Jacob Rodriguez, Lee Ouyang, Norah Whelehan, Joey Biersack, Ethan Dominic

Gr. 8 students: Alexia Pettes, Drew Donovan, Stacy Andrew, Sarah Rehm, Abbie Pierce, Liam Roldan

Academic Decathlon Category

Varsity (Blue Team)

Junior Varsity (Gold Team)

Overall Winner

  • (Super Quiz, Logic Test, and Individual Tests combined)

2nd place

3rd place

Super Quiz

2nd place


Logic Test

3rd place

2nd place

Individual Tests






1st place- Leo Ouyang


Social Studies


3rd place- Peter Garofolo







1st place-Nicole Meador



Current Events





1st place- Isaac Lund

3rd place-Alex Macomber



2nd- Alexandra Jones



Fine Arts





A Note from Mrs. Lawrence:

This year, St. Michael’s embarked on a new challenge with students-Catholic Academic Decathlon.  This is a national based competition that takes place each Spring to foster collaboration and expose students to rigorous academic competitions. St. Michael Catholic School would typically engage a middle school team composed of Grade 6-8 students; however, due to the time frame, our team was comprised of only Grade 6 and Grade 7 students. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our students and their parents for their dedication, perseverance, and hard work to study over the few months. What an incredible showing! -Mrs. Heidi Lawrence, Director of Curriculum and Academic Decathlon Coordinator


Comments from Decathlon Students & Parents:


Thais Naveda: “I am glad to see how StMS is providing the students with more opportunities to showcase their academical strengths. As a family we are grateful that our kids are receiving an integral education, so they can reach their potential and honor the different gifts God have given them, from literature and math to sports and art, Saint Michael is thriving on its educational proposal. We are so proud of the kids, they have such a vast intellectual potential!”
Natalie Meador: "It was exciting to witness our students compete against other middle school students in the Diocese of Raleigh at such a rigorous academic event. Thank you for bringing this event to our school and for challenging our students at this level"
Isaac Lund: “Nail-biting, invigorating, studious.  The Academic Decathlon not only brought these traits to the extreme, but also improved my experience with them too.”
Colin Whelehan: “It was challenging as well as complicated to figure out how to work as a team on both the Super Quiz and the Logic Test.”
Leo Ouyang: “The Decathlon was a very memorable experience for me.  It was challenging and fun at the same time.  I really enjoyed it and I will be looking forward to it next year.”