Our Endowment

The Queen of Angels Endowment


In a strategic effort to ensure that those who are dedicated to the future of St. Michael Catholic School are able to support its future financially, the school has established the Queen of Angels Endowment.

The endowment will provide unrestricted distributions to the school for use in its general operating budget, in accordance with long term growth objectives.

Endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while annually using the investment income from dividends.

As the Queen of Angels Endowment grows, and significant dividends are available, these monies will be used to support and enhance student education.  Funding decisions will be determined by the pastor and school principal, with recommendations from a subcommittee of the School Advisory Council.

“We are so pleased to have established this endowment,” explained Mrs. Tara Navarro, principal. “This was accomplished through the foresight of former principal Mrs. Aimee Viana and the diligent work of many members of our parish and school staff."

Any individual, corporation, or foundation may make additions to this fund. Parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of St. Michael School may choose to donate by cash, check, stock transfer, or as part of planned giving, such as a gift from a will or trust or a gift of insurance. 

To learn more about donating to the Queen of Angels Endowment please contact Mrs. Susan Washburn at swashburn@stmcary.org or 919-468-6140.