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StMS School Advisory Council Members


The St. Michael School Advisory Council is responsible to the Pastor and assists the Principal. It advises the Principal according to policies and regulations as stated in the Catholic Schools Administrator Handbook issued by the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.  The Council creates a better understanding of Catholic education and promotes financial support for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School. It communicates with the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council to ensure the spiritual and financial integrity of the school. The Council also advises the Principal in formulating the annual budget before it is presented to Parish Finance Council. 

Gabrielle Burn - Chair and StMS Alumni Representative

Tara Navarro - St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School Principal

Msgr. Doug Reed - St.Michael the Archangel Parish Pastor

Michelle Conde- Pastoral Council Liaison

Sally Creedon - Parish Representative

Shannon Dougherty -  Parent Representative

Janet Kazmer - Parent Representative

Peggy Lane - Assistant Principal

Heidi Lawrence - Teacher Liaison

Thais Naveda Luy - Parent Representative

Adam Oakley - Parent Representative

Joe Panganiban - Parent Representative

Melissa Penabad - Parent Representative

Amy Reitz - Director of Technology Integration

Matt Sillers -  Parent Representative

Stephanie Sosa - Teacher Liaison

Susan Washburn - Director of Communications

Joanne White - Business Manager