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The Catholic Steward Tuition Rate is designed to support Catholic families in our parish community through a tuition discount.  Catholic Steward families are those who are dedicated to raising their children in the Catholic faith and are active in the parish community, and so we work hard to recognize their contributions to our parish and their families by making Catholic education that matches those values more affordable. These active families attend Sunday Mass regularly and serve in the community through the gifts of time, talent, and treasure.   

Members of other (area or out-of-state) Catholic parishes enrolling at St. Michael School must follow the guidance of their own parish and submit those Parish Stewardship forms to pr

St. Michael's families applying for Catholic Steward Tuition must complete the St. Michael Stewardship Application form online.

St. Michael Stewardship Rate Application Form  

Criteria for St. Michael Catholic Stewardship Tuition Rate:


The family must be fully registered members of St. Michael Parish at the time of application. Fully registered as pertains to school families includes an adult or adults with children who have followed the parish registration process and is a family unit of which at least one adult is a baptized Catholic or RCIA initiated Catholic.  We ask that members update their registration information: Parish Registration Update Form

Age-appropriate Sacraments
The student(s) are required to have received age-appropriate sacraments at time of application. This means, for all children, that they are baptized in the Catholic Church, or, if validly baptized in another Christian denomination, have made a Profession of Faith, and come into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. For older children, this also means having received First Communion and Confirmation at the appropriate times. Please note that preparation for First Eucharist and Confirmation is a two-year process.  Parish-issued sacrament certificates are to be submitted by the family to our parish office and attached to the printed and completed online application. 

How to apply for the Catholic Steward Tuition Rate:

Fill out, Submit, and Print the St. Michael Parish Stewardship Application form. This is required for CGHS families, StMS K-8 families, and St. Michael Preschool families. If families have students in more than one of these schools, they may fill out only one application that includes information for all their children. CGHS families will need to fill out both the CGHS Parish Affiliation Form (printable) and the St. Michael Stewardship Tuition Application online form.  Please submit and print this form with your responses and attach to the original sacrament certificates (see below).  St. Michael Stewardship Tuition 2022-2023 Form 

Submit your children’s sacramental certificates to the St. Michael Parish Office. Sacramental certificates may be obtained from the parish in which the sacrament(s) were received—the parish of record. Certificates in original paper form may be submitted to the Parish Office in the Trinity Center along with a printed copy of the application form.  Please do not submit scanned copies.  Certificates may also be submitted by postal mail to the Parish Office (address below). If you wish the St. Michael Parish Office to return your child’s certificate(s), please include a note to this effect. Once a certificate is recorded in the Parish Office, you will not be asked to provide the sacramental certificate again. Certificates for subsequent sacraments received are required. For example, if your child enrolls in Kindergarten at St. Michael School and you give a Baptism Certificate, you will not be asked to provide that again.

Questions regarding Stewardship may be submitted by email to  Questions regarding sacraments—please email the Parish Office at