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St. Micheal Catholic School Testimonials

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Diocese of Raleigh - School Celebrates Grandparents Day in a Grand Way

From Current Parents
(2020-2021 School Year)

What an extraordinary and successful school year! Our hearts are full of gratitude for all you, the clergy, the leadership team, teachers, and staff members have done in these unprecedented times. We know this year will stay in the pages of the history of our school not just because we stayed safe and in, but especially because we all saw in action Christ's love. As an international family, we have not been able to visit our relatives and friends for the last two years, and the school and the parish have been the place and the community where we felt so much hospitality, love and support. For the entire year, we knew we were in the right place: a school community that really cares about a person-centered education for us and our children. Thanks for supporting our parenting journey in educating our kids as whole persons, awakening their capacity to know and learn with sacrifice and joy, to live immersed in the reality that is always positive even when challenging, and instilling in them (and us) a love for Truth. The Cairoli Family (PreK and Grade 1) 

We could not be more impressed, grateful and amazed at the work you and your staff has done for the  “in person” classes at St. Michael school.The level of organization, attention to detail, communication with parents, and commitment to keep our children safe is extraordinary. Please know we know you spent your summer working tirelessly on this tremendous task and are well aware of how difficult it must have been to tackle this.  One of the things we finally concluded when going back and forth about whether to send our boys was “they got this” after reading all your plans and back up plans. You covered everything and anything, including things we never thought of! We are forever grateful for you and please take this correspondence as a most sincere and humble thank you from our family to yours. Mr. & Mrs. Cassell  (Grade 2 and Grade 4)We want to say thank you for all you’ve done to keep our children feeling safe, supported and loved.  We know progressing them in their education and faith under there circumstances is an unbelievably tall order. The countless hours you have spent adapting, deciding, and praying have not gone unnoticed. We feel very grateful for your commitment to our children and the StMS community. Thank you, specifically, for making the first week of school happen. We all needed that connection to our teachers and friends so very much.  Thank you! Mr. and Mrs. Whelehan (Grade 6 and Grade 4) 

We truly appreciate all the St. Michael School faculty is doing to navigate this unfamiliar territory, meeting the needs of in-class and at-home learners this year. It’s a juggling act for sure, and you all set the tone for a wonderful experience. We see how hard you are working and appreciate everything!  Mrs. Allen (Grade 8 and Grade 6)

My family and I will be new to St. Michael's this fall.  We're very excited that our daughter will be joining your seventh grade class. I just want to pass along how happy receiving the email about the school opening to all students for in-person made my wife and me. To know that the Administration is working creatively to help working families adjust to this time...well, simply put, it's priceless.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  Mr. and Mrs. Booth (Grade 7)

(Distance Learning - Spring 2020)

The faculty is doing an AMAZING job with this whole thing.  I am so very impressed with the teachers and the prep and the organization going into all of this.  Obviously nobody has ever done anything like this before so it's impossible to prepare but you guys are doing a fabulous job. I'm also impressed with how well the students are able to transition, clearly they've been working hard in technology and it shows.  Thank you once again for being so unbelievably awesome at what you do!  
Mrs. Laflamme (Grade 4 and Grade 1)

I just wanted to say thank you for your swift response to this pandemic.  The leadership and unity of the entire staff of teachers has been amazing! Thank you for providing our girls with routine during this uncertain time.  It is wonderful to know that they are still learning in the midst of all of this.  From a parent's standpoint, it is great to have them engaged in learning and busy!  So far, this has been a wonderful experience.  Please pass my heartfelt gratitude to the teachers for their efforts to keep the love of learning alive! God bless all of you! Mrs. Meador (Grade 8 & Grade 6)

When I tell friends that are not at STMS that our kids haven't missed a day with school they just can't believe it! So thankful to be a part of such a wonderful school who was preparing long before! Mrs. Beauchemin (PreK and Grade 1)

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all of the work that you and the St. Michael’s teachers and staff have poured into distance learning.  Never could I have imagined what an unusual journey this school year would be for our children.  When we selected St Michael School for our children, we were confident in our decision that this would be a good place for them to grow academically and spiritually. The support we have received from the school this year has been nothing less than extraordinary.  Mrs. Beggs (Kindergarten & Grade 2)

Thank you for the effort, thoughtfulness, and attention to faith that you have given to our families this Lent.  I will never forget walking into our bonus room multiple times this Holy Week and seeing all our kids watching Mass, saying the Rosary together, and making posters of their favorite bible verses.  Beautiful and exactly what we all needed!  Maggie had so much fun making unleavened bread for the whole family!  Mrs. Twomey (Grade 7, Grade 5, Grade 4, and Grade 1)

From Grandparents: 

We live in NJ and our granddaughter is a student in your school.  Like all the grandparents we are isolated because of the virus. This morning prayers and announcements give us a warm and comforting feeling knowing our grandchild is in God’s loving care along with the StMS family. Thank you for bringing us joy with your messages. God Bless you! Mr. and Mrs. DeMeo

It has been my privilege to be with my two grandchildren in the mornings to see the way they do their schoolwork and interact with their teachers and classmates online.   I am aware that all the teachers and staff, are putting forth a great deal of time and energy to take care of the children during these unusual times. I am grateful that they are a part of St. Michael School, and feel the security of this community. God bless you all! Mrs. Baker