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Middle School Students Lead and Serve through House System

By Mrs. Megan Zawierucha

This year, Middle School students at StMS will be participating in a brand-new House System. The goal of the House System is to build community within grades 6-8, implement service learning, and integrate the Positivity Project (P2) into every aspect of life at StMS. Students were randomly sorted into one of six houses, each named for a figure who represents one of the virtues of P2:

Assisi House (Transcendence)
Drexel House (Wisdom/Knowledge)
Kateri House (Temperance)
Peter House (Courage)
Porres House (Humanity)
Romero House (Justice)

Middle School students attend weekly house meetings led by two staff members serving as “heads of house” for each house. Some of the house activities this year will include designing a house crest, learning about their patron saint, study halls, service projects, and more.

Students will remain in the same house through Grade 8. Students caught exemplifying the character strengths of P2 will be awarded “P2 points” that will help their house earn rewards. We look forward to these houses making the concept of “Other People Matter” an important part of our school culture.