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What is Student Life?

Student Life at StMS is everything that happens in the classroom, on the sports fields and gymnasium, in our art studio, in our music room, our lunchroom, and even out on the playground  Student Life is weekly Mass on Wednesdays, the Middle School House system, knowing the Positivity Project Character Strength of the Week, presenting a well-researched report to your peers, trying out for a school sports team, participating in a pep rally, seeing your StMS Buddy in the hall, enjoying grade-level mission experiences to serve others, listening and interacting with guest speakers from our community and being with our friends. It's all this and so much more. Student Life is our students growing in Christ while displaying the StMS core values of Reverence, Service, and Leadership in all they do throughout the day. Get engaged with Student Life at St. Michael Catholic School!

StMS Student Life PreK - Grade 8